Sunday, March 1, 2015

The GTORB Flop Solution Library is coming!

We’re happy to announce the upcoming release of the GTORB Flop Solution Library which we're hoping to 
release a week from Friday (March 13th).  Here’s a breakdown of how it works:
  • 100+ (and growing) precomputed, instantly browseable, high-quality flop calcs.  These calcs are tagged by game type and are fully searchable so that you can quickly find solutions that apply to specific real world conditions from your games.
  • Discussion threads and up/down voting on each flop calc so the GTORB community can help you find and understand our best content.
  • We’ll continue to add solutions to the library driven by your requests.  Tell us what you want to learn about and we’ll add it!

Be sure to comment below with your thoughts and what you’d like to see in the library.

We’re also working on more GTORB Strategy Packs which combine precomputed flop calcs with video and mathematical analysis.  Our first pack on Flop C-bet Defense is enormously popular so we’ll be following it up with a pack on in and out of position post-flop play in 3-bet pots very soon!

GTORB Flop Solution Library pricing is still being determined but we plan to automatically add free library access to all GTORB Turn licenses.

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