Friday, April 10, 2015

The Perfect Complement to the GTORB Flop Library: Simple Postflop

By now most of you have had a chance to check out the GTORB Flop Library which is a great place to find precomputed, instantly-accessible, curated and community-recommended GTO flop solutions. The GTORB Flop Library lets you discuss flop solutions with the community and our pros, and share solutions and build new ones based on the game trees and ranges others have created.

As a compliment to what the library has to offer, I'd like to recommend a new tool called Simple Postflop that allows you to solve your own GTO flop scenarios privately either on our own desktop or in the cloud.  I've been using Simple Postflop to test and prototype solutions that I plan to use in my videos or add to the library because it can solve most flop scenarios in well under an hour (and for simple things like 3-bet pots it often just takes a few minutes).

GTORB readers can get 10% off a Simple Postflop desktop license by clicking here.

You can paste ranges from GTORB directly into SimplePostflop and we are working on letting you paste in full scenario configurations.  We are also looking into using the Simple Postflop engine to run scenarios for the GTORB Flop Library and strategy packs.

What really got me excited about this program is that they are the first to implement the ability to run minimally exploitative calculations which I am going to be using in my next few strategy packs.  I've also made a new youtube strategy video using minimally exploitative calculations to measure the magnitude of the leak of a 1-alpha c-bet defense here:

For anyone interested in giving Simple Postflop a try definitely check out my tutorial video below and if you have any questions on the software feel free to ask in the comments below.  The creators of the software are Russian so English is not their first language and thus I have offered to help answer any questions about the software and to also teach people how to use it.

Note for full disclosure that I have worked out a partnership with Simple Postflop and thus I am financially incentivized to encourage people to buy it.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Minimally Exploitative Play --- Measuring leaks with Simple Postflop

In my latest free youtube strategy video I go through what minimally exploitative play is and how to calculate it using the Simple Postflop solver.  All GTORB readers can get 10% off the standalone version of Simple Postflop just by clicking this link.

Minimally exploitative play can be calculated by locking a certain portion of a players strategy (that represents the leak we wish to exploit) and solving the game tree for a GTO solution conditional on that specific part of the strategy being locked.  This results in a strategy that is unexploitable, so long as the specific leak that we are exploiting exists.

The video above examines OOP c-bet defense on a K86ss board that I analyzed in my Flop C-bet Defense strategy pack which is available in the GTO Dojo.  I've made the K86 solution freely browseable by anyone (with or without a GTORB account or license) and you can check it our here:

It turns out that on this board GTO c-bet defense involves folding to a 2/3rds pot c-bet about 50% of the time which is significantly higher than the often used "1-alpha" minimum defense.  In the C-bet defense strategy pack I explained in depth why minimum defense frequencies rarely apply to flop play, but In this video I use minimally exploitative play to measure the exact magnitude of the error of playing according to a 1-alpha defense which is something that many very strong midstakes players do.  The magnitude of the leak ends up being about 4.5bb per hundred conditional on defending your blind, and in the video I show how to actually compute the minimally exploitative strategy that is guaranteed to extract this 4.5bb/100 value against a player who sticks to a 1-alpha based defense.

For anyone interested in learning to use Simple Postflop to calculate minimally exploitative play you can also check out my Simple Postflop Tutorial.  This functionality will also be built into GTORB itself in the coming months.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The GTORangeBuilder Flop Library is Live

I'm happy to announce the release of the GTORB Flop Solution Library which currently contains almost 200 pre-computed flop solutions from a variety of game types with many more to come. The solution library is searchable, and there are discussion threads for every solution where you can join our community in analyzing GTO play.

Anyone can browse the contents of the library for free, even if they do not have a GTORangeBuilder account and we have made 3 of the solutions freely available to the public. The other solutions can only be viewed license holders and only license holders can submit new scenarios that they would like to see added to the library.

Regarding licenses, all existing turn license holders have automatically been upgraded to GTORangeBuilder Pro licenses and will receive full library access for free. We also have removed the 250 monthly cap on turn calculations, you can now run as many as you want. Finally, we have removed the option to purchase a monthly GTORangeBuilder license and have instead replaced it with a 6 month license with no recurring charge or activation fee.

Monday, March 9, 2015

GTO Play in 3-Bet Pots strategy pack is now available in the GTO Dojo

I just finished my second video pack on GTO play in 3-bet pots, which features a bunch of theory on equity realization with lower stack to pot ratios.  One of the more interesting results is that the standard theory of only betting when you can be called by worse or fold out better doesn't hold up and that often times in larger pots, aggression with a merged range is optimal because it is the most efficient way to lock in equity when the stack to pot ratio is small and you are out of position.

This pack includes about 80 minutes of video as well as 21 pre-computed GTORB flop solutions that examine both in position and out of position play in 3-bet pots on a variety of boards.  I've put the first ~10 minutes of the video up on youtube for free, you can check it out below, the entire pack is available in the GTO Dojo.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The GTORB Flop Solution Library is coming!

We’re happy to announce the upcoming release of the GTORB Flop Solution Library which we're hoping to 
release a week from Friday (March 13th).  Here’s a breakdown of how it works:
  • 100+ (and growing) precomputed, instantly browseable, high-quality flop calcs.  These calcs are tagged by game type and are fully searchable so that you can quickly find solutions that apply to specific real world conditions from your games.
  • Discussion threads and up/down voting on each flop calc so the GTORB community can help you find and understand our best content.
  • We’ll continue to add solutions to the library driven by your requests.  Tell us what you want to learn about and we’ll add it!

Be sure to comment below with your thoughts and what you’d like to see in the library.

We’re also working on more GTORB Strategy Packs which combine precomputed flop calcs with video and mathematical analysis.  Our first pack on Flop C-bet Defense is enormously popular so we’ll be following it up with a pack on in and out of position post-flop play in 3-bet pots very soon!

GTORB Flop Solution Library pricing is still being determined but we plan to automatically add free library access to all GTORB Turn licenses.

Friday, February 13, 2015

GTO Flop c-bet defense strategy pack is now available in the GTO Dojo

I've been working very hard on adding to the GTO Dojo and the first big step came today.  I just released my first strategy pack, which explores optimal defense frequencies / ranges OOP against c-bets on the flop.  The main goal is to understand how defense frequencies vary across board textures, how relevant (or not) models like 1-alpha defense and the [0,1] game are to C-bet defense and how we can use actual real-world GTO solutions to win more money in these spots.

While the theoretical analysis should be largely applicable across game types, the strategy pack focuses on single raised pots with 6-max cash stacks/ranges and includes 12 fully browseable GTORB flop solutions.

You can browse strategies for both the in-position c-bettor and the out of position defender on the flop and on every possible turn / river situation/runout across seven different boards / bet sizes / game trees.  The pack also includes about 90 minutes of video commentary, and a few pages of mathematical notes and calculations.

I've put the first ~8 minutes of the video up on youtube for free, you can check it out below, the entire pack is available in the GTO Dojo.

This is my first time releasing a pack like this so definitely let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Verifying a GTORangeBuilder Flop Solution with CREV

As I showed in my Epsilon equilibrium blog post, simple turn and river GTO strategies are generally quite easy to verify with CREV using the standard epsilon distance measurement.

However, it turns out that flop solutions with real world hand ranges are too far too big to actually enter into CREV.  In the video below I demonstrate how to verify an individual slice of GTORB flop solution using CREV and also offer a sneak peak of a fully browseable GTORB flop solution (a GTORB turn license is required to view it).  The CREV file is also below.

Here is the GTORB Solution from the video:

And here is the CREV file download: