Saturday, November 4, 2017

Poker AI Info Graphic from Josh Wardini

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Today I have a guest post from Josh Wardini who wanted to share a nice infographic that he made on AI in poker.  You can check out the infographic here:



Researching The Facts About The Rise Of Poker AI & Curating The Data
My name is Josh Wardini and I am the editorial contributor and community manager for Living in Portland, Oregon and an avid poker enthusiast, I first came across a few tidbits of information about Libratus - a poker-playing AI that was capable of actually beating the poker pros. Growing up watching movies like Terminator, I wanted to find out how close we are, as a species, to creating AI capable of actually out-thinking us.

Even though AI (Artificial intelligence) has been receiving media coverage in the last few years, the idea of an AI actually being capable of human-level functions seems years, if not decades, away for many. In actual fact, the future is a lot closer than you may think, and recently, AI has become functional enough to beat humans at the most widely played card strategy game on earth: Poker. The growth of this technology has already grown beyond what we imagined, and you can get a good idea of how this is so from my data.

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Josh Wardini