Monday, March 9, 2015

GTO Play in 3-Bet Pots strategy pack is now available in the GTO Dojo

I just finished my second video pack on GTO play in 3-bet pots, which features a bunch of theory on equity realization with lower stack to pot ratios.  One of the more interesting results is that the standard theory of only betting when you can be called by worse or fold out better doesn't hold up and that often times in larger pots, aggression with a merged range is optimal because it is the most efficient way to lock in equity when the stack to pot ratio is small and you are out of position.

This pack includes about 80 minutes of video as well as 21 pre-computed GTORB flop solutions that examine both in position and out of position play in 3-bet pots on a variety of boards.  I've put the first ~10 minutes of the video up on youtube for free, you can check it out below, the entire pack is available in the GTO Dojo.

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