Saturday, May 9, 2015

Get access to the GTORB Flop Library for just $20 with the new GTORB Library Pass

Yesterday we launched a new purchase option, the GTORB Library Pass which gives full access to browse our flop solution library and discuss solutions with other users for just $20 per month (with our 50% launch sale).  Our flop solution library currently has almost 500 flop solutions with more being added every day, for some highlights from the library see this post:

You can also check out our 3 free library solutions without making a GTORB account in our GTO Dojo here: to get an idea of what a GTORB flop solution looks like.  Just click the "View the GTORangeBuilder Flop Library" button and the free solutions will be right at the top with the "free" tag.

With hundreds of GTO flop solutions instantly available at your fingertips for just $20 the library pass is an incredibly effective way to study GTO play at a great price.