Friday, February 13, 2015

GTO Flop c-bet defense strategy pack is now available in the GTO Dojo

I've been working very hard on adding to the GTO Dojo and the first big step came today.  I just released my first strategy pack, which explores optimal defense frequencies / ranges OOP against c-bets on the flop.  The main goal is to understand how defense frequencies vary across board textures, how relevant (or not) models like 1-alpha defense and the [0,1] game are to C-bet defense and how we can use actual real-world GTO solutions to win more money in these spots.

While the theoretical analysis should be largely applicable across game types, the strategy pack focuses on single raised pots with 6-max cash stacks/ranges and includes 12 fully browseable GTORB flop solutions.

You can browse strategies for both the in-position c-bettor and the out of position defender on the flop and on every possible turn / river situation/runout across seven different boards / bet sizes / game trees.  The pack also includes about 90 minutes of video commentary, and a few pages of mathematical notes and calculations.

I've put the first ~8 minutes of the video up on youtube for free, you can check it out below, the entire pack is available in the GTO Dojo.

This is my first time releasing a pack like this so definitely let me know what you think!

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