Sunday, May 28, 2017

GTORB 6-max Cash Study Group Season 3

I am gauging interest in the 3rd season of my 6-max study sessions this summer.  Current the season consists of 6, 1+hr sessions similar to my strategy packs, but live over Skype with real-time Q&A.  The cost $750 for the 6 sessions and sessions are held every other week.  In addition to the coaching sessions there is an ongoing Skype group chat the I personally answer, and a shared google drive folder where I upload spread-sheets and GTO solution files.  I've done two seasons of this so far and gotten very positive feedback.  The group has been capped at 10 people.

Anyone who wants to join this season can also get access to the VODs (at an additional price of $500 per season) from previous seasons so that you are up to date on all the material we covered.

This season I am considering offering a VOD only option where at a reduced price of $500.  With the VOD only option, you can get access to recordings of the sessions and access to the shared drive folder but you cannot attend the sessions live or access the Skype group.

If you're interested please let me know via email at and I can give you access to one of the VODs from a previous season so that you can assess the material.

Generally, the people in the group are midstakes+ NL cash game players.  Depending on interest and scheduling I'll announce the dates for the summer session in a few weeks time.