Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July Asuth Strategy Pack Sale

For the month of July if you purchase our new In Position C-Betting Strategy Pack from the GTO Dojo you can get 50% either my GTO Flop C-bet defense strategy pack or my GTO Play in 3-bet Pots strategy pack. Just purchase both packs at the regular price via paypal and email gtorangebuilder@gmail.com and we will refund $50 of your purchase within 24 hours.

 You can check out the preview for the In Position C-betting Strategy pack in the GTO Dojo.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New C-betting Strategy Pack Available in the GTO Dojo

I'm very excited to announce the release of my first strategy pack on c-betting which focuses on c-betting after raising from in position and getting called by an out of position player. The second half of this strategy pack has a lot of material that I don't think has been explored by anyone else before because it focuses heavily on using minimally exploitative calculations to identify and measure leaks in c-betting strategies. I also demonstrate how different board textures allow for different levels of flexibility to c-bet exploitative without fear of counter exploitation.

 This pack features over 30 GTO and exploitative flop solutions that are carefully constructed and over two hours of video analysis. The first ~7 minutes are available on youtube for free, you can check it out below.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GTORB in Ivey League Session Review

One of the easiest ways to use GTORB to improve your play is to compare GTORB resutls against actual hands from your recent sessions during post session review. Ivey League pro "The Student" recently released a training video on how GTORB can best be used for session review in his latest training video here: http://iveyleague.com/video/micro-stakes-session-review

Friday, June 5, 2015

New GTO Strategy Pack Release -- GTO Postflop Play in HUSNGs ft. Coffeeyay from HUSNG.com

Our latest GTO strategy pack was created in conjunction with HUSNG.com and their lead coach Coffeeyay.  This strategy pack focuses on postflop play both in limped and raised pots with 20-25 BB stacks.  We were able to work with Will Tipton to get the exact preflop ranges that were used to generate the charts in his book and these scenarios all use a smoothed version of those ranges.

HUSNGs are on of the game types where directly applying GTO computational solutions to improve your play is easiest and most effective and this video pack should give you insight into how one of the top coaches in the HUSNG communities leverages GTORB solutions to construct stronger ranges and win more money.

You can check out a sample segment from the strategy pack in the preview video below.