Friday, February 13, 2015

GTO Flop c-bet defense strategy pack is now available in the GTO Dojo

I've been working very hard on adding to the GTO Dojo and the first big step came today.  I just released my first strategy pack, which explores optimal defense frequencies / ranges OOP against c-bets on the flop.  The main goal is to understand how defense frequencies vary across board textures, how relevant (or not) models like 1-alpha defense and the [0,1] game are to C-bet defense and how we can use actual real-world GTO solutions to win more money in these spots.

While the theoretical analysis should be largely applicable across game types, the strategy pack focuses on single raised pots with 6-max cash stacks/ranges and includes 12 fully browseable GTORB flop solutions.

You can browse strategies for both the in-position c-bettor and the out of position defender on the flop and on every possible turn / river situation/runout across seven different boards / bet sizes / game trees.  The pack also includes about 90 minutes of video commentary, and a few pages of mathematical notes and calculations.

I've put the first ~8 minutes of the video up on youtube for free, you can check it out below, the entire pack is available in the GTO Dojo.

This is my first time releasing a pack like this so definitely let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Verifying a GTORangeBuilder Flop Solution with CREV

As I showed in my Epsilon equilibrium blog post, simple turn and river GTO strategies are generally quite easy to verify with CREV using the standard epsilon distance measurement.

However, it turns out that flop solutions with real world hand ranges are too far too big to actually enter into CREV.  In the video below I demonstrate how to verify an individual slice of GTORB flop solution using CREV and also offer a sneak peak of a fully browseable GTORB flop solution (a GTORB turn license is required to view it).  The CREV file is also below.

Here is the GTORB Solution from the video:

And here is the CREV file download: