Wednesday, June 12, 2019

GTO Trainer Updates and Play Mode Tutorial

The Simple Postflop team has been hard at work improving GTO Trainer so I made a new tutorial video showing off some of the new features.  They've also added a bunch of new pre-computed solution packs that are fully stand-alone (so you don't need Pio or SPF at all) for MTTs, Spin and Go's, HU Cash, 3-bet pots, etc.  The packs are all in the range of $50-$150 making them the by far the most cost effective way to learn GTO play in your game type of choice.

In addition to releasing new packs, the "regular" games in GTO Trainer packs can now be used in "play" mode which lets you continue to play out the hand even after making a non-GTO play.  This means that the software now shows you your showdown and non-showdown winnings by hand, session and in aggregate which can be a useful way to spot if you are playing to passively or to aggressively relative to GTO.

Some other new features include some quality of life improvements such as table layouts, displaying bet sizes in BBs, etc as well as the ability to play entire hands from preflop through to the river which I show how to set up in this tutorial.

If you're interested you can download the software for free here:

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