Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Deliberate Practice in Poker and GTO Trainer

As both a poker player, poker coach, competitive tennis player, magic the gathering player, and starcraft player I've always believe that deliberate practice is the key differentiating factor that separates "good" players from elite players.  Games like tennis or chess have very natural easy ways for a player to deliberately isolate and practice specific skills either alone or with a partner, but in the poker world deliberate practice has always been quite difficult.

If you wanted to hone your play in BB vs BTN, 3-bet pots, that might be a situation that would only come up in a dozen hands over the course of an hour or two, and the variance in the results would make it hard to systematically analyze and improve your play without weeks worth of hand data and hours of analysis.

Over the last year I've been working with the SimplePostflop team to solve this problem with a new piece of software called GTO Trainer.  In my latest video I talk about the theory and impact of deliberate practice and how to execute it with GTO trainer, check it out below.

GTO trainer lets anyone deliberately practice specific scenarios repeatedly and hone specific skills with real time feedback.  The program is free to download and integrates with either Piosolver or SimplePostflop.  You can also purchase any of my stand-alone solution packs (including my brand new 3-bet pots pack) and start training against them in a matter of minutes.

Some screen shots:

GTO Trainer also gives you aggregated session results and range composition analysis:

If you're interested you can download the software for free here:

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