Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Strategy Pack Released: GTO Betsizing 2 -- Plus a Strategy Pack Discount Until February 29th

I'm very excited to announce the launch of my latest strategy pack which continues to explore theory of bet sizing and how to use GTO calculations to estimate optimal bet sizes.  The pack is available for purchase in the GTO dojo here: The first 8 minutes of the video are available for free below.

This pack picks up where Bet Sizing 1 left off with coverage of IP and OOP 3-bet pots, OOP single raised pots, new key strategy lines and more.  I go through additional easily applicable board specific bet sizing strategies, measure how much board specific bet sizing strategies shift as hand ranges change and show how key strategy lines such as turn check-raise all ins in 3-bet pots relate to optimal bet size chioces.  With over 100 minutes of video, 50+ GTORB flop solutions, and thousands of SPF solution source files this pack contains everything you need to immediately improve your bet sizing.

And through February 29th we're offering a special discount where anyone who buys the new GTO Bet Sizing 2 strategy pack can get $50 off any one other strategy pack of their choice.  Just purchase both packs from our website and email and I'll refund $50 to you within 24 hours.

Note that the $50 off only applies to strategy packs that I made, so it applies to any pack in the GTO Dojo with the exception of the the Spins/HUSNG packs.

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