Monday, February 1, 2016

New SimplePostflop HUSNG Preflop Solution Pack is Available

I'm excited to announce that I've worked with SimplePostflop to release a preflop strategy pack that has HUSNG solutions at every stack size from 5BB up to 25BB in 1BB increments.  All the solutions use 184 board flop subsets, include overbets and standard bet sizes in the postflop game tree, and have very low nash distances, making the pack for more precise than existing approximations.

You can learn more and buy the pack here:  By using that link you will also get a $17.50 discount.  You need to download the free version of SimplePostflop to view and browse the preflop solution files, but no other license is required, you can just buy the pack and you're good to go.

I believe this is the most comprehensive HUSNG solution pack out there and the results are pretty fascinating.  Some highlights of interest:

  1. Between 18bb and 25bb stacks we see a slow steady shift from limping to minraising from the SB, with the limping frequency decreasing about 3% for each 1bb increase in effective stack size.  At the same time the SBs EV advantage steadily grows as stack depth increases.
  2.  At stack sizes of 20bb+ a 2.5x raise against a limp is almost never used and a large size is favored.  However in the 12-16bb range a mix of using two different raise sizes against a limp is favored.
  3. 13bb is about the lowest stack size at which the SB should ever use a minraise as part of his strategy.
And of course there is much more.  To fully study and learn the full GTO strategy from this pack would take weeks or months and it contains everything you need to implement GTO play in HUSNG.

I've also gone ahead and put up 5 free GTORB postflop solutions that use the minraising and calling ranges from the preflop solution pack at 25bbs.  You can explore them at the links at the bottom of the post.

I've also found it very interesting to compare the results in this pack to the results from Coffeeyay's SB vs BB Spins pack (where the SB is OOP) as it allows us to measure the value of position and to analysis its effects.  That pack is also available here and GTORB users can get $10 off with this link:

Free GTORB Postflop Solutions


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