Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Discount Special + 20 Free Monotone Flop Solutions

Strategy on monotone boards can be reasonably unique and I've gotten a few viewer requests for some remixes of strategy pack solutions on monotone flops so I decided to release 20 new monotone board flop solutions for free.  To create these 20 solutions, I took 5 game trees, one from each of my strategy packs to date and ran 4 different monotone boards on each .

  With a GTORB flop subscription this type of remixing is now very easy to do, you can just open any strategy pack solution, hit the back button, change the board cards and click solve.  You can queue up as many such calculations as you want and the GTORB cloud will solve them all in parallel depending on server availability (these 20 calcs were all done within about 25 minutes).

And as a Christmas Special, for anyone who purchases a 6 Month GTORB Flop license between now and Jan 1st 2016 will get a free strategy pack of their choice (that I created) and 500 bonus flop calculations for free.  Just purchase a license from the website as usual and email to let me know what strategy pack you'd like to get access to and it will be added to your account within 24 hours.

Here are the monotone solutions enjoy:

OOP C-betting -- UTG vs BTN

IP C-betting -- CO vs BB
Blind vs Blind
3bet -- SB vs CO
C-bet Defense -- CO vs BB

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