Thursday, December 10, 2015

18bb 184 flop HUSNG Solution

I've released a new video showing an 18bb HUSNG solution computed with SimplePostflop's 184 board abstraction.  You can check out the video below.  The solution is freely available to the community (thank you SPF team for being so generous!) for anyone with a free SimplePostflop account.  You can buy their preflop solver and get bonus calculations as a GTORB reader with this link:  Enjoy :)

Just download Simple Postflop here, then go to File --> updates and replace the link with:

Go to the SaaS tab in the top menu, login in (register for free if needed) and then go to the HU Preflop tab.  Open the "Cloud" menu and chose "Preflop Situations" and the scenario will be available for free download.  The "download flops" button will download all the flop solutions which you can then open in SimplePostflop at your convenience.

SimplePostflop is offering all GTORB members a small bonus on preflop points (3.5%) just purchase the preflop version after clicking this link:

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