Sunday, November 22, 2015

Solving GTO Preflop Video Released

Today I released a new video on solving unabstracted preflop scenarios for GTO play.  The video examines a 7bb game tree used in Will Tipton's, Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Play: Strategies For Multiple Streets (Volume 2) and compares the results of various abstracted solution techniques to a full real solution computed with the brand new Simple Postflop Preflop solver.  You can check out the video below:

The full preflop solution is available for free download via the Simple Postflop client and as with any SPF preflop solution, you can also download the flop solutions for every possible resulting flop.  Just download Simple Postflop here, then go to File --> updates and replace the link with:

Go to the SaaS tab in the top menu, login in (register for free if needed) and then go to the HU Preflop tab.  Open the "Cloud" menu and chose "Preflop Situations" and the scenario will be available for free download.  The "download flops" button will download all the flop solutions which you can then open in SimplePostflop at your convenience.

Currently the SPF preflop solver only solves scenarios that are HU at the start of the hand, however in the future it will also be possible to start the solver after certain preflop actions, eg after the action has folded to the BTN, who has opened to 2.5x with a fixed range and the SB has folded and to solve for the remaining BB vs BTN action in a 6 max scenario from that point in the game tree on.

SimplePostflop is offering all GTORB members a small bonus on preflop points (3.5%) just purchase the preflop version after clicking this link:

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