Friday, November 6, 2015

GTORB Engine Upgrade -- Free flop calcs with a GTORB Pro Bundle Purchase

We're preparing to release on demand custom flop calculations sometime in December, and we've already released the turn / river component of our new solver code.  As a result all GTORB turn and river calculations should run substantially faster and to a higher accuracy than before.

I'll make a more detailed announcement when the on demand flop calcs are officially released but we are planning to expand the existing Library+ license to also include up to 100 flop calculations per month at a slightly increased price.  Existing Library+ license holders will be able to upgrade or continue with the same service they currently have.

We are also offering anyone who purchases the GTORB Pro Bundle between now and December 1st early beta access to the flop solver and 100 free flop calculations to be used during the beta period, which we're hoping to start in a few weeks time.  Pro Bundle license holders will also be able to upgrade to the flop solver when it is released at a discount.

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