Friday, April 10, 2015

The Perfect Complement to the GTORB Flop Library: Simple Postflop

By now most of you have had a chance to check out the GTORB Flop Library which is a great place to find precomputed, instantly-accessible, curated and community-recommended GTO flop solutions. The GTORB Flop Library lets you discuss flop solutions with the community and our pros, and share solutions and build new ones based on the game trees and ranges others have created.

As a compliment to what the library has to offer, I'd like to recommend a new tool called Simple Postflop that allows you to solve your own GTO flop scenarios privately either on our own desktop or in the cloud.  I've been using Simple Postflop to test and prototype solutions that I plan to use in my videos or add to the library because it can solve most flop scenarios in well under an hour (and for simple things like 3-bet pots it often just takes a few minutes).

GTORB readers can get 10% off a Simple Postflop desktop license by clicking here.

You can paste ranges from GTORB directly into SimplePostflop and we are working on letting you paste in full scenario configurations.  We are also looking into using the Simple Postflop engine to run scenarios for the GTORB Flop Library and strategy packs.

What really got me excited about this program is that they are the first to implement the ability to run minimally exploitative calculations which I am going to be using in my next few strategy packs.  I've also made a new youtube strategy video using minimally exploitative calculations to measure the magnitude of the leak of a 1-alpha c-bet defense here:

For anyone interested in giving Simple Postflop a try definitely check out my tutorial video below and if you have any questions on the software feel free to ask in the comments below.  The creators of the software are Russian so English is not their first language and thus I have offered to help answer any questions about the software and to also teach people how to use it.

Note for full disclosure that I have worked out a partnership with Simple Postflop and thus I am financially incentivized to encourage people to buy it.

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