Friday, April 3, 2015

Minimally Exploitative Play --- Measuring leaks with Simple Postflop

In my latest free youtube strategy video I go through what minimally exploitative play is and how to calculate it using the Simple Postflop solver.    All GTORB readers can get 10% off the standalone version of Simple Postflop just by clicking this link.  Minimally exploitative play is also now built into GTORB directly and you can access it buy going to "Customize game tree" and locking in a strategy at a decision node.

Minimally exploitative play can be calculated by locking a certain portion of a players strategy (that represents the leak we wish to exploit) and solving the game tree for a GTO solution conditional on that specific part of the strategy being locked.  This results in a strategy that is unexploitable, so long as the specific leak that we are exploiting exists.

The video above examines OOP c-bet defense on a K86ss board that I analyzed in my Flop C-bet Defense strategy pack which is available in the GTO Dojo.  I've made the K86 solution freely browseable by anyone (with or without a GTORB account or license) and you can check it our here:

It turns out that on this board GTO c-bet defense involves folding to a 2/3rds pot c-bet about 50% of the time which is significantly higher than the often used "1-alpha" minimum defense.  In the C-bet defense strategy pack I explained in depth why minimum defense frequencies rarely apply to flop play, but In this video I use minimally exploitative play to measure the exact magnitude of the error of playing according to a 1-alpha defense which is something that many very strong midstakes players do.  The magnitude of the leak ends up being about 4.5bb per hundred conditional on defending your blind, and in the video I show how to actually compute the minimally exploitative strategy that is guaranteed to extract this 4.5bb/100 value against a player who sticks to a 1-alpha based defense.

For anyone interested in learning to use Simple Postflop to calculate minimally exploitative play you can also check out my Simple Postflop Tutorial.  This functionality will also be built into GTORB itself in the coming months.

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