Thursday, August 18, 2016

MTT Preflop SPF Solution Pack: Late Position Opening and Big Blind Defense

As many of you know I'm hard at work on an MTT focused GTORB strategy pack, which will include a ton of simulation results analyzing chip EV and dollar EV at various points in the tournament, preflop play recommendations, postflop play analysis, and much more.

The first step towards that was working with a friend who is an MTT specialist to make a SPF preflop solution pack that we believe shows substantially stronger open ranges, 3-bet sizes, and defense range composition than existing population play or computational results.

The SPF pack is available here and is 5% off for GTORB readers with this link:

SPF solution packs are standalone and can be used with the free SPF version which is acceptable here:

I've also made a youtube video that briefly explains some of the methodology and shows some of the ranges from the solution pack which you can watch below.


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