Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Calculate Aggregate GTO Action Frequencies with SPF

In my latest free youtube video I've made a quick tutorial on how to use Simple Postflop to compute average GTO c-bet frequencies so that you can directly compare those numbers to DB / HUD stats.  I used the data from the 6-max preflop solution pack to compute the GTO BTN vs BB C-betting frequency for a 50% pot c-bet.

Note there is one technical detail that I skimmed when presenting the methodology which is that, when aggregating the c-bet frequencies, you also need to weight each board not only by its normal weight, but by the OOP check frequency on that given board, because that prior action is required for us to reach a decision point where we could c-bet.  Since OOP checks near 100% on all boards in this case, the impact of this is minor, but  it is essential in cases where you are analyzing actions that occur later in the hand as if you do not incorporate the board specific rate of reaching the decision point you are interested in then you can significantly mis-weight various flops.

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