Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GTO Preflop Strategy: IP raiser vs Big Blind

I'm excited to announce I've worked with SimplePostflop to create a new preflop solution pack that analyzes BTN/CO/MP/UTG preflop raises vs a Big Blind defender.  This pack incorporates rake and uses the SPF 184 board subset, as well as customized postflop trees making the solutions in it the highest accuracy publicly available six max solution set.

The pack is available for purchase here and all GTORB readers can get a $10 discount by using this link: http://simplepostflop.com/en/Solutions_Library?source=gtorangebuilder.

I've also made a video discussing the methodology behind the pack and analyzing the GTO BB 3-betting range vs a BTN 2.5x preflop raise, check it out below.

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