Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GTORB LeakBuster Integration

I'm excited to announce that GTORangeBuilder calculations are now integrated into LeakBuster.  Leakbuster will automatically scan your hand histories for potential leaks and allows you to examine specific hands that its algorithm detects may have been played sub-optimally.

You can then instantly load that hand into GTORangeBuilder with ranges for both players automatically provided by the LeakBuster AI, making your GTO analysis a one click process.  You can of course also tweak the ranges for both players, apply your own hand ranges, edit the bet sizing options as you see fit, etc.

This add-on to LeakBuster is available for purchase now starting at $9.99/mo here:  

If you play on Bovada and need to get hand histories so that you can build a database to analyze you can also use the LeakBuster card catcher to save and analyze your Bovada Poker hand history files.

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