Friday, June 5, 2015

New GTO Strategy Pack Release -- GTO Postflop Play in HUSNGs ft. Coffeeyay from

Our latest GTO strategy pack was created in conjunction with and their lead coach Coffeeyay.  This strategy pack focuses on postflop play both in limped and raised pots with 20-25 BB stacks.  We were able to work with Will Tipton to get the exact preflop ranges that were used to generate the charts in his book and these scenarios all use a smoothed version of those ranges.

HUSNGs are on of the game types where directly applying GTO computational solutions to improve your play is easiest and most effective and this video pack should give you insight into how one of the top coaches in the HUSNG communities leverages GTORB solutions to construct stronger ranges and win more money.

You can check out a sample segment from the strategy pack in the preview video below.

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